Home Podcast @markgurman tells us the latest published in Bloomberg on Apple | With Guilherme Rambo @_inside from @ 9to5mac & @pedroaznar director @applesfera

@markgurman tells us the latest published in Bloomberg on Apple | With Guilherme Rambo @_inside from @ 9to5mac & @pedroaznar director @applesfera

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Many times you think that some things are impossible, this episode is a sample of it, today there is no podcast in Spanish that has done this kind of interview to two great world technology, both @markgurman and Guilherme rambo @_inside , along with the collaboration of the most important Spanish-speaking media on Apple, if I speak of Applesfera, the only Spanish medium that could have been in an Apple Keynote as a guest, today it has been possible to put them together. I confess that it has not been easy to join these 3 people in a podcast, either for the language and time, it is very complex to make this type of podcast to be with simultaneous translation, I am writing these lines 6 hours before direct, as well that I have no idea how it will come out, but I imagine that with the effort of our colleagues with simultaneous translation it will be better but not perfect. I want to thank from these lines the effort and time that Mark Gurman and the great Guilherme Rambo have given us and of course our colleague Pedro Aznar, thank you for accepting the invitation, I hope you have a good time in this interview.





Mark Gurman’s own program called Gadgets With Gurman

I also want to thank the effort made by our colleagues, everyone has their life and their things to do, they share their time with us and they help us a lot to make this kind of episodes, I will not name any of them because I’m sure I’ll forget about some , so, thanks to each of them for making this episode possible and we hope that in the short term future Mark Gurman can come to our house for the third time, and Guilherme Rambo for the fourth time.


This episode will basically focus on the latest published by Mark Gurman in Blog as well known as Bloomberg, we will talk about the Airpods 2, MacPro, iPad, Macbook Air, the supposed Apple glasses, about the future iPhone that Apple would launch in September, the iPhone SE 2, augmented reality, Apple’s external monitor, Notch, Keynote.


Surely some more questions we can ask, although we will have just enough time to be able to ask more questions, it is a very busy person and from now we thank you for your time with us, then we will leave you with the Bloomberg links, which the questions asked will go related by these publications:

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Mark Gurman Bloomberg
Apple high-end headphones
Airpods 2
iPhone X high-end at a lower price
Gadgets With Guman


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