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4×89 Special: «Guilherme Rambo @_inside»

por sonia jorge de la cruz

Today we are joined by a great friend of the Applelianos podcast, Guilherme Rambo editor of 9to5mac a website about the apple world, together with John Sundell they host Stacktrace podcast.

About 2 weeks ago Mark Gurman was here telling us several issues about what we could see in the following Apple presentations, many interesting headlines, today the great Guillerme will give us some clues of iOS 13, WWDC19, Mac OS and more topics.

We will also talk about his great and useful AirBuddy application for Mac, and we have many questions about it.

We thank our friend Gui and always willing to collaborate from time to time in our Spanish-language podcast.

We hope you enjoy this great episode and  like it a lot, you know that you help us a lot sharing the podcast and leaving  reviews on iTunes, leaving your comments and likes on iVoox as well.

Greetings Applelianos.





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